1. 12m DD6128C01 Tour Bus
    2. 12m DD6128C01 Tour BusThe 12m DD6128C01 tour bus is our newly developed luxurious type product with the grade of Level 2. With elegant appearance, luxury interior and the embodiment of multiple advantage technologies, it is our pride in the large
    1. 11m DD6118HES21 Rear Engine Transit Bus
    2. 11m DD6118HES21 Rear Engine Transit BusThe 11m DD6118HES21 rear engine transit bus is superior in reliability. When the electric system comes out with malfunction, the vehicle can still travel with the traditional internal combustion
    1. 11m DD6119S11 Double-decker Rear Engine Transit Bus
    2. 11m DD6119S11 Double-decker Rear Engine Transit BusThe 11m DD6119S11 double-decker rear engine transit bus employs the covering parts made by using the fiberglass reinforce plastics (FRP) for the top part of the front end.
    1. 18m DD6187S01 Rear Engine Transit Bus
    2. 18m DD6187S01 Rear Engine Transit BusThe 18m DD6187S01 rear engine transit bus uses the T-CAN bus system with unified programming for the chassis electrical system. Through the central computer of MAN Company to coordinate
    1. 12m DD6125B Express Coach
    2. 12m DD6125B Express CoachWe elaborately develop the 12m DD6125B express coach which absorbs the advantages of the tour bus and public transport bus. It can meet the needs of inter-city passenger transport and public transport to achieve interurban operation.
    1. DD6100C01FX Conventional School Bus
    2. DD6100C01FX Conventional School BusThe DD6100C01FX conventional school bus is taken for making the loaded roll stability and rollover test in the National Automobile Quality Supervision and Inspection Center. It passes the test with

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Each day the average commuter spends approximately 1.2 hours in transit — that’s 8.4 hours a week and more than 400 hours a year. When this much time is spent on the road, safety and comfort quickly become top priorities. HUANGHAI is a Chinese manufacturer that has its priorities in all the right places. As a fully integrated enterprise, we are professional inclined toward the design, assembly, and distribution of automotive transports such as large/medium buses, pickups, SUVs, and other specialized vehicles. HUANGHAI is a trusted brand for the tour bus, transit bus, school bus, and express coach.

Our operation encompasses the production of large and medium passenger cars in the range of 6 to 18 meters for applications such as touring, public transport, corporate transport, and long-distance travel. We offer a diverse selection of models for SUVs and pickups. Our pickups are available in distinctive series including Aojun, Prince, Dachaishen, and Xiaochaishen. The SUV comes in models such as Tiaozhanzhe, Landscape FI, and Landscape V3. We exports have found destinations in more than 30 countries and regions worldwide including South America, Southeast Asia, Africa, the Middle East, etc.       More ...


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